[Qt-users:516] Re: 全角文字環境固有のQt Creatorのバグ

Tasuku Suzuki stasuku @ gmail.com
2016年 3月 22日 (火) 14:34:40 JST


> 商用版への移行は「Qtで行けるな」と確信できてから...と思っていたら,「Qt LGPL 版で開発をした後に、
> Qt 商用版に移ることはできません」の一言が...

http://www.qt.io/faq/ の Developing with a Commercial License に以下のような記載があります。

* If I have started development of a project using the open source
version (LGPL), can I later purchase a commercial version of Qt and
move my code under that license?
This is not permitted without written consent from The Qt Company. If
you have already started the development with an open-source version
of Qt, please contact The Qt Company to resolve the issue. If you are
unsure of which license or version to use when you start development,
we recommend you contact The Qt Company to advise you on the best
choice based on your development needs.

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